Fixing bad pick-ups

one pin at a time


Static location pins don't work for ridehailing

Knowing where a property is located might have worked for our ancestors.

But your driver isn't picking up the property, he's picking you up.

Passengers are forced to call, text, or go outside and wave their driver down, destroying the on-demand experience.

Bad Experience

Ridehailing drivers collectively spend 20 years every day hunting down passengers, losing $8M/day.

Lost Revenue

Property managers face the brunt of it and have no means to improve the poor mobility experience on-site.

Visitor Complaints

Curbspace is in short supply, forcing pick-ups into active lanes, further exacerbating congestion and safety hazard

City Congestion


Ridehailing runs better with Zown

Zown streamlines the pick-up process by designating an exact pin location for every trip, optimized in real-time, and synced to both passenger and driver apps.

Passengers get consistently picked-up at the right location, without the headache or delays.

Seamless Experience

Ridehailing providers generate more revenue in the same amount of time on the same asset base.

Recover Lost Revenue

Property managers integrate and regain control over the 3rd party mobility experience.

Site Control and Compliance

Cities have real-time insights into digital zoning protocol to optimize traffic flow and safety.

 Digital Curbspace Management

Zown is the digital intermediary

Our self-serve portal allows property managers to designate all compliant pick-up locations surrounding their site.  Zown tests each pin across thousands of trips to learn how different pins perform under different operating conditions.  Zown then provides the optimal pin location tailored to every trip request.


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