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Take control of your site's curbside pick-up experience


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Why Zown?

Your employee brings the order out directly to the driver's car. No need for anyone to come inside.

100% Contactless


Get notified exactly when the driver has arrived at the pick-up location. No calling, messaging, or tracking them down.

Less Downtime & Confusion

Simple onboarding connects your site to delivery providers in your city and other revenue opportunities.

Attract New Customers


How It Works

Select your pickup location

Zown manages driver routes and ETAs

Employees are notified when to bring out an order


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Zown?

Zown is used by restaurants, grocery stores, shops, retailers; any business that takes delivery or pick-up orders.

What can I do with Zown?

Zown lets you set up digital zoning on your site so that delivery drivers are directed, within their apps, to your exact curbside location when picking up an order.

How do I get started?

Click "Get Started" at the top of the page. It takes about one minute to locate your business and drop the pin where you'd like all pick-ups to take place. Zown will take it from there and integrate that location with delivery providers picking up orders from your business.

Does Zown cost me anything to use?

Zown is absolutely free for business owners.

How does this benefit my business?

Zown helps you eliminate any confusion, downtime, inefficiency, delays, excessive contact, or poor reviews you may be experiencing from third party delivery services showing up wherever/whenever they want to pick up your customers' orders.

How else can you help my business thrive during COVID?

We are currently testing out a host of additional features to help businesses adapt to the current restrictions. If you'd like to join our beta group to try out the latest features, please fill out the form below.


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Zown helps businesses seamlessly integrate delivery services into their everyday operations.

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